Don't make these 5 mistakes while buying Hosting and Domain

Hosting and Domain – Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

Hosting is your home and Domain is your name. In between these, you are the one.

There are lots and lots of hosting platforms and tons of domains available in today’s market and the web. But the thing is we can’t get our domain name as we want in this digital era. I can tell you in detail about it but this is out of this beginner’s topic, I will explain it to you on some other day.

Today is the day you will be learning and knowing about what is hosting and domain? and how to get it and use it effectively? and what’s the difference between hosting and domain?

If you are having these questions primarily, then welcome to this blog.

This is very much helpful if you are planning to start a blog or want to start a site for your business or you are starting to learn digital marketing.

Let’s make it simple and easily understandable without any glitches.

But the most important thing I want to put in front of you is that I have made some of the mistakes while buying hosting and domain and also I will tell you how I got suffered from that.

So, let’s begin with these mistakes of my journey in this digital era.

Before that let’s understand what is hosting and domain completely.

Let’s start…

What are Hosting and Domain?

Hosting and Domain

It is just simple like that. Let’s try to understand better with examples.

For example, imagine you are a good dancer. Now you need a dance studio to start dance classes and want to teach students to learn dancing. Firstly, what do you need? A good studio. Right? 

Then you will rent a dance studio and set it up for dance classes.

Relating this example with the internet, this is called hosting in the web or internet world. It is applicable in all fields not only in making a site there are many more hosting platforms related to their niches and industries.

Hosting is like buying the site or place within the web to host your brand

It is that simple.

If you need a professional definition here it is,

What is Hosting

Now let’s understand what is a domain?

With that above example of the dance studio, continuing after renting your dance studio, you will need a name for your dance studio. Right? 

Then you will give a good brand name for your studio – that’s what the domain is.

The domain is nothing but the name of your brand that represents your business on the web (like giving the name for your store)

It’s as simple as that.

And again if you need a professional one, here it is,

What you mean by Domain

This has given you the complete meaning of what is Hosting and Domain.

Now, let’s jump on to the mistakes I have made while buying hosting and domain that you need to avoid.

With that said, I have made 5 mistakes that you have to be aware of while buying hosting and domain.

Let’s begin…

1. Don’t Buy Hosting with the Domain at All

Yes! Don’t buy the domain with hosting or hosting with the domain.

Because, while you are buying any hosting with any hosting providers they will offer you the free domain. If you get the hosting with their free domain you will find some problems with it.

You will find yourself stuck with your domain. As they offer the domain is free – if you get it you can’t change your domain servers.

What is a domain server?

This is,

Domain Name Server

These are the servers that your domain is operating on.

While you are running the website you may have to change some server records or add some.

But you will find glitches when you change the servers and records because your free domain is integrated with their hosting.

Therefore, my kind advice is to buy a separate domain and hosting and then you can integrate them both through DNS management.

What is DNS?

Here it is,

DNS – Domain Name Server

This is where you can integrate both the hosting and domain

It’s a long explainable topic which is out of this article (If you need a complete guide of step by step process about DNS management. Comment below!)

You can buy domains at GODADDY (You will bet cheapest domains) and host with other hosting platforms. But my favorite is HOSTINGER because I had a good experience with Hostinger till now (you can also choose it for your wonderful site)

Caution: Don’t buy hosting with a free domain without the SSL certificate at all.

The next step is that.

2. Don’t Buy Hosting and a Free Domain without an SSL Certificate?

Yes! In my case, I found this was the biggest mistake I have done. Because it is one of the mind-craving damn shit problems that I faced.

From my experience, Don’t buy without SSL.

Because, when you buy you will be getting problems like,

You will be stricken as the unsafe site while you get asses with the WordPress for some time after you can’t assess your WordPress dashboard because google doesn’t allow the unsafe website to operate.

But their hacks to getting off it. I don’t feel it works in all cases (the hacks are failed in my cases).

And if you tried to get the free SSL with the other platforms or sites/tools you can’t get it. Because if you bought the hosting with a free domain you can’t change the records and servers (as it is integrated within the hosting providers)

This case is changed when you buy separate hosting and domain. You will now find these problems here.

As my advice, Check whether the hosting provider is giving an SSL certificate with it or not. Check and buy.

If you don’t know about the WordPress and SSL certificate? Don’t worry, I am shortly writing about these terms.

In short, SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, the certificate for providing a safe website.

The next one is,

3. Don’t Buy the WordPress Hosting

Don’t buy the WordPress hosting

Instead, you buy shared or cloud hosting.

There are many types of hosting like only hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and more.

What’s the difference between only hosting and other hosting?

Only hosting contains cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPN hosting, and more…

If you are a beginner then choose to buy shared hosting it’s the best.

While other hosting like WordPress and all. They are just the name but it’s the main hosting. It’s just integrated with or pre-installed with WordPress.

Which is a big problem.

When you buy WordPress hosting you can’t get access to the Cpanel which plays important role in hosting.

With Cpanel, you will get end-to-end all the aspects with hosting where you can change anything and everything as your needs with the more on the technical part.

And if you lost something or want to correct something you can make it at the Cpanel.

But with WordPress hosting, you will lose all this access which is important to run a website.

With the main hosting or shared hosting and more you can install WordPress on Cpanel with the auto-installation which is a minute work.

With WordPress hosting you just get WordPress preinstalled.

The hosting providers or some people will promote and pose to buy that but don’t fall in that word trap like ‘WordPress Hosting’

In the beginning, you will find that this is easy or it is helpful but not. So check carefully to know about it and then buy it.

Because I have made that mistake and struggled a lot with operating it.

So, do choose or pick it carefully.

Don’t forget this one.

4. Do not ever Cancel your Domain

Yes! Don’t cancel your domain once you bought it.

In my case, I have bought WordPress hosting with the free domain. After these all struggles as I above said, I decided to cancel it and start with a new one.

While canceling I canceled hosting with the domain too.

That after cancellation, I have started with new hosting with a new hosting provider but I can’t get back that early canceled domain.

Because, whenever you cancel your domain once booked or bought it might take years to back for registration with any domain providers.

The domain provider where you bought before will say the domain will be back for registration within a week or 15 days. But it will not.

As I know, after the cancellation of the domain, that domain will be get occupied by the registrar of the web like whois and all. They should release back for registration for domain providers for sale. Till then you can’t get it.

It’s just a waste of time doing this and waiting for the domain back for registration.

And also you can’t find it on any other domain providers once you canceled at one time in the domain providers.

So, avoid this mistake.

If you want to cancel hosting, cancel only the hosting, not the domain. Get it to be there on your cart and continue using it with different hosting providers with DNS.

So, Don’t ever cancel the domain at all.

For more, you can buy domains with GODADDY – I have best experience with it till now.

And the last mistake to avoid.

5. Check and Buy and Avoid the Above 4 Mistakes

Check and buy and avoid the above 4 mistakes.

As I above mentioned, these 4 mistakes I have done in my journey while starting a blog for learning digital marketing.

By these mistakes, I have got a lot of consequences and struggled a lot to correct them.

Because, when these types of errors occur then it will give you a headache to solve and make it further.

Conclusion :

My advice is not to make these mistakes at all.

And make sure that you have checked it clearly and got to know what it is offering and what not.

If you don’t know more about how to buy and all, comment below I will make the complete step-by-step about how to buy domain and hosting.

Lastly, choose wisely while buying hosting and domain. Surf around and check different platforms and offers and buy it which is useful for you.

With my experience, I prefer to buy the domain from GoDaddy and of course hosting with Hostinger for sure.

Because this hostinger provides best services with all conditions with features and much to try with it.

I will make a review on this surely after some more days of usage.

If you want to buy it now,

Check it out here (offers are going on…)

Final Thoughts :

I hope these mistakes of mine will help you a lot and also I hope this was useful too.

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