Why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – Why Digital Marketing is Important Now a Days

There are 2 types of marketing one is traditional marketing another digital marketing. Then obviously we compare digital marketing vs traditional marketing to know the pros and cons of it.

Digital Marketing is the one you have heard about this at least once in these years.

And you can see that this term is trending nowadays.

As you would also hear about this comparison of digital marketing vs traditional marketing. Right?

If you search on google you will get 51,80,00,000 results in 0.64 seconds.

But why you have read this article?

Because it covers the 3 important aspects that you want to know about as a beginner.

  1. 11 reasons why digital marketing is booming right now.
  2. why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing(11 differences).
  3. Why digital marketing is important nowadays.

Fact: Traditional marketing generates 50% fewer interactions with customers than digital marketing.

In this article, we are going to know why this digital marketing is going trendy for the last 3 years especially in this phase of the pandemic.

And do you know that digital marketing is just elevating from 2015 when the internet era has exploded in India!

You can see this in the below graph.

Google Trends For Digital Marketing From Past 12 months
Google Trends For Digital Marketing From Past 12 months

Before getting into the reasons and differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing, let’s know about the terms what does it mean.

Let’s dive in…

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is what you market your business through digital-like social media platforms, Google, Facebook, and many more digital media. 

There is not much change in digital marketing compared to traditional marketing.

All the strategies, plans, and tactics are same all the around but the way we approach marketing is different from digital. And digital marketing gives us results much better than traditional marketing.

Why digital marketing is so popular? Here is the answer…

The results, the business growth, the efficiency, the cost, and the analytics we get make digital marketing differ from traditional marketing and getting trending day by day inside the business.

Then what is traditional marketing?

What is Traditional Marketing?

In simple words, as we see ads on TV, newspapers, billboards (hoardings), wall posters all are traditional marketing. 

Meanwhile, traditional marketing is marketing your products through the help of physical assets like TV and more.

And approaching people in physical, for example, cold calling, selling to doorsteps, etc…

Now, let’s know the difference between digital marketing vs traditional marketing. 

In that, we also get the answer of “Why Digital Marketing is booming” right now!

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I will explain to you the differences with digital marketing.

Let’s get started…

1.Marketing Through Digital Platforms

Digital Marketing concentrates mainly on the internet-based and social-based platforms where most of the audience lies.

For example, Google – not to say much about this because you know how people use google for their every god damn questions.

In the case of social media, same as a million and billions of people are using social media. We can call it has a hub of audiences.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing stats

Then why not use these platforms to market our business!


Next, comes the question – why not use traditional marketing?

Because everyone is migrating from TV’s to the internet and social media, almost all people especially youths are totally into social media, a very small amount of people lying at old media.

Use of social media vs traditional media

This stat is about from 2018-19 but now as the resources say, digital media will grow at 20% to reach a market size of Rs 18,938 crore by 2021-22

As we use social media and the internet to know news, learn something, what happing what not what to do everything we consume through digital platforms not with the old media.

You can analyze yourself the whole day where you spend most of the time? You will get the answer!

2.Custom Targeting

This is very interesting!

In digital marketing, you can target the specific customers you want to reach upon through google ads, Facebook ads, and more ad platforms.

With this special feature, as I can target specifically you for any of my products. Right?

Many businesses are doing it right now. They are targeting the right of their customers who want to buy from them or willing to.

This targeting reduces the cost of delivering the ads to the people because we can show our ads to those who want to see them or who we like them to see our ads.

And that’s the problem with traditional marketing.

We can’t do this targeting method there.

There is no best example than ads during IPL seasons.

Right with IPL 2021, we can see the ads of these companies.

These brand ads are shown to all people who are watching IPL.

Who doesn’t watch IPL! Right from all ages!

But, what’s the motive of the company?

To show the ad to some category and specific age group of people but the ad will be seen by all who are not our target customers.

With that, brands will spend crores to run their ads on that program (here IPL).

And people already there on OTT platforms to watch sports too.

As a result, they didn’t get higher conversion compared to advertising on digital media.

And that’s the advantage and power of digital marketing.

3.Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

As I said above, digital marketing is cost-effective.

These Google ads or Facebook ads or something other provides free space marketing to all without any restrictions who want to run ads on their platform.

Even you can run ads for your small brand at a low cost as possible.

You can run ads for just Rs. 100 too.

Isn’t that amazing!

And they are easy to use, you can start your advertising journey and run ads just in few minutes.

You can see the cost difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing below.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing cost
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Cost

Many businesses are rushing into this digital marketing because of this benefit.

The Cost-Efficient Model.

Small and smaller businesses can run ads and get their desired results.

But regarding traditional marketing, it’s not possible because the cost is very high that small businesses can’t afford it (As you can see in the above infographic)

And the next one is…

4.Free-Style Advertising and Marketing

This is a big benefit of using digital marketing.

Regarding running ads, you can modulate, change anything you want as your needs after publishing your ad campaign.

You can change anything everything, you can change the banner, ad image, video, headline, description and even you can change the target audience and budget too.

You can also decide when your ad wants to run when not.

That’s why it’s called free-styled marketing.

In the case of traditional marketing, you can’t do anything once you placed your ads.

More you can do is take back your ads.

With traditional marketing you can’t negotiate with your budgets once gone is gone whether you get results or not.

And it’s not handy and good for the small businesses to grow & run their businesses.

That’s what this digital marketing will break these all barriers at once.

5.Conversion Rates are High

To prove this point, I don’t want to tell you much.

Because these online ad platforms are optimized to provide you the best possible results by targeting the right people that are converted.

And these facts will speak more than that and make you agree with it.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing stats

This can’t happen with traditional marketing. Why?

Because of these reasons,

  • Your ad cost is high
  • You didn’t know whether it will give you more or fewer conversions.
  • No target audience.

In traditional marketing, ads may be effective and memorable to people.

But the drawback is no target audience.

This is the one advantage and why businesses are still present on their marketing method – that ads are more effective and memorable.

Most of the time you have also experienced this.

I will tell you my trap story.

Once I bought the handwash of the Savlon brand. You can ask why only the Savlon? There are more products same like that on market!

I will tell you the reason, I was constantly watching this brand’s handwash ad repeatedly while I was watching IPL matches.

This brand ad fed into my mind that I tend to buy their product.

After that, when I thought of buying handwash for the first time, the savlon brand instantly triggers in my mind.

And I bought it and continuing with it now too.

This is what brands can do with traditional marketing.

As I said, targeting is a need because the budget is important to us.

6.Two-Way Communication

Digital Marketing gives space to interact with the customers directly.

As with social media, you can interact with your audience and customers in the DMs (Direct Messaging), comments, and lives.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing stats

With this advantage, you can know the burning problems of the customers and give them solutions with your product.

It may sound silly or negligible, but it is very powerful than any of the other tactics.

What happens in the case of traditional marketing?

You can just serve them your product and leave them and don’t know who they are!

Here you can only express yourself but customers cannot.

They can’t give feedback and the support they needed from you and the interaction is off, once they bought your product.

But digital marketing makes this simple and gives you the leverage of being in the connection of customers and get more sales from a single person which increases your companies lifetime value (LTV).

7.Measure Your ROI Easily

Many people have this question.

What is ROI in digital marketing? – Return On Investment.

As the words say, it’s the return of money you invested in a particular thing to profit from that for your business.

You can get a minimum of 1 to 1.5% of ROI in digital marketing and max there are no limits.

With digital marketing, you can easily measure your ROI in seconds.

The ad dashboard will show you the complete details about your project.

It will give you a complete overview of the money spent, reach, leads, period, and many more about the campaign.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing stats

In digital marketing, you can know the what is the ROI of the campaigns you have run for your products.

It’s just that simple.

It is very easy to monitor where all your business is reaching out, where are all the places your business is in demand, and whats your overall profit and more…

But with traditional marketing, you can’t get these benefits.

In traditional marketing, you can’t track the records and results. Because it’s physical you can’t track all the people and note down their every move.

You can get an overview of this segment as I explained more about this in the above segments, why old media marketing can’t be useful compared to digital assets.

8.Less Expensive and More Efficient

Yes! Digital Marketing is one medium that even a small business can do their marketing on a huge scale with fewer expenses.

Because digital marketing is a handy tool for all people in this digital era.

You can start running ads for your business for just Rs.100!

Isn’t that crazy!!! (Rs.100 is nothing for today’s generation, a small kid will spend this money in only buying chocolates)

Don’t think that if the amount spent is less then the quality will be not good.

You can get the best possible results in less amount beyond your expectations.

Because there is a hack.

The ad platforms never want their audience to get out of their platforms (because the audiences are their product).

If they serve you with good results you will come back again to invest. With that, they also earn profits and the audience will retain as they show them what they want to consume.

It’s a win-win situation for both.

This cycle will continue as both are happy with their businesses.

What’s the flaw with traditional marketing?

Here the expenses are high because the demand for the media platforms is high.

So, every business can afford this. Therefore it’s expensive.

With that, you can’t get your desired results. You don’t know what would be the outcome of the campaign. But the money will run out of your budget daily.

You can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future with your ad marketing on traditional media.

That’s another disadvantage with traditional marketing.

9.Track Anything You Want

If we take digital marketing vs traditional marketing as comparison!

With digital marketing, you can track anything possible right from the impressions to the ad spent.

These are what you can track,

  • The behavior of your user or customer.
  • What is the amount spent to run that specific ad!
  • Track the audience who are interested in your product and brand!
  • The impressions, reach, leads, the amount spent, and many more custom aspects.
  • Audiences that are losing by your brand and attracted by your competitors.

And there are many more benefits that you can’t list here…

digital marketing vs traditional marketing stats

But with traditional marketing, you can’t track all these. Even if you track some, you will be not clear about your customer behavior, likings, etc…

10.Quick and Real-Time Results

Digital Marketing can give you the quick possible results.

For example, if you running ads for a product you can see the instant results showing up within minutes.

That’s the specialty of diving into digital marketing.

They give real-time results which help you take the next decision like how to optimize the ads so that your ad can perform even better and give more conversions and leads.

But in traditional marketing, you can get the results only after the campaign runs for a long time or after the campaign ends.

And it is not able to give deep details about your ads and customers as compared to digital marketing.

In digital marketing vs traditional marketing, digital marketing wins in this case.

Last but not least and very important factor, that is…

11.Consumer-friendly marketing

Digital Marketing is soo consumer-friendly that you can’t even imagine.

As you are using social media, you would have experienced that how the posts and video will appear on your feed as your interests.

Your feed will be filled with what you are interested in.

And the recommendations are so specific that you will connect with them deeply.

This digital marketing helps people to consume the content they are interested in.

In this case, people can skip your ad when you are running product ads or something.

If your targeted customer is present there if he seems that the shown ad is useful for him/her, he/she will click on your ad and you may get a lead or you can get a purchase.

So, digital marketing is consumer-friendly that people can decide whether they should need this or not.

By which it gives the quality customers to your business and that customers will retain for a longer period.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing stats

Indirectly this will help you build a solid brand.

(You can check out this article, what is a brand and how to build it – if you are serious about your business or startup or personal brand)

But why traditional marketing lacks in this point?

Because there is no consumer-friendly approach as you can see that you will see the ads on TVs, billboards, posters, etc even it is not relevant to us.

This only point is enough to prove that why not choose traditional marketing to market your business in the now and coming decades.

Sum Up Summary:

Digital Marketing is way better than traditional marketing.

You saw all of the benefits like how digital marketing can help grow your business compared to traditional marketing in these decades.

Everyone should enter and start using this digital marketing to ace the game in your industry.

Almost all businesses have implemented digital marketing and earning great profits.

So, do get this marketing method into your circle and start implementing it before you became the last man standing for traditional marketing.

If you do not have any businesses, then take this as your skill – learn practice and earn from it.

I don’t want to justify anymore, why you want to learn this skill and make your career in it.

Because all these digital marketing advantages will override the superpower of traditional marketing.

Here’s the recap of this article:

If you remembered I offered you the 3 questions I’m going to solve with this article.

  • 11 reasons why digital marketing is booming right now.
  • Why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing(11 differences).
  • Why digital marketing is important nowadays.

Here’s Why!

  1. Marketing through digital platforms.
  2. Custom targeting.
  3. Digital marketing is cost-effective.
  4. Free-style advertising and marketing.
  5. Conversion rates are high.
  6. Two-way communication.
  7. Measure your ROI easily.
  8. Less expensive, more efficient.
  9. Track anything you want.
  10. Quick and real-time results.
  11. Consumer-friendly marketing.

I think these points have justified the questions very well enough.


Digital Marketing will be growing 10x more than what today’s market is.

Because every small business and big MNCs are marketing their businesses digitally.

So, do not ignore this at any cost whether you are a business or a person do learn it and use it for your growth.

Especially for students interested in marketing and executing things digitally, you should learn this skill and make a great career in it without a doubt.

These are the facts that say on our faces why digital marketing is important & impactful nowadays.

You can download the digital marketing vs traditional marketing infographic right down there.

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I hope this article has helped you to understand why digital marketing is important, why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, and the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

In Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – digital marketing has won flawlessly.

You can also check out this article to know what is brand value and how you can increase it (It is helpful if you don’t know what brand value is – a detailed blog).

If you liked this digital marketing vs traditional marketing article, please share it with your friends who want to know this and start learning digital marketing with you.

And don’t forget to comment below your thoughts about how this article helped you.

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