How to Attract Customers to a Restaurant

How to Attract More Customers to a Restaurant | Detailed Facebook Ads Strategy

I am happy to share that 95% of restaurant owners say, the overall efficiency of their establishments is improved by the use of technology and got the solution for ‘How to attract customers to a restaurant.’

And the fact is from Covid-19 many restaurants have drawn into huge losses and some have gained excellent spikes in their sales due to online technology.

But I want to talk about the restaurants that are suffering after the pandemic and not getting any great customers that they can increase their profits.

With this article, I will share an awesome strategy that can help your restaurant to get 1000’s of customer walk-ins and sales every day.

A restaurant owner would be happy to hear that “Today we have run out of food due to huge customers”. Isn’t that a happy phrase for you as a restaurant owner?

Let’s make this happen for your business through the great online technology of today’s world.

Best Way to Attract Customers to a Restaurant

Best Way to Attract Customers to a Restaurant

What would be the best way to increase your restaurant sales with today’s technology?

I would say “Advertising”

What! Are you kidding?

No! I am not. In today’s time, the only platforms that have a huge data of customers i.e advertising platforms.


They know every move, every behavior, and every in & out detail about a person. 

With the game of AI, the game of advertising has elevated to a certain extent that the AI can predict what you are going to do next which you may not know yourself.

And that’s the magic, my friend…

The question is… Why we are not using this amazing technology?

You may have seen the big players like Zomato, Swiggy, and many online delivery companies how they are making 100% use of this technology.

Then, why don’t you?

Thus, let’s have a look at the overview of my strategy.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

You have been using Facebook for several long years now. Do you see the n number of ads on Facebook showing you something every second?

Of course! Right?

And that’s the simple thing you have to do. You have to do the same i.e advertising on Facebook through Facebook ads.

Don’t worry, if you didn’t know anything about it or heard this term for the first time.

I am here to help you with that.

Facebook ads are one of the great AI-enabled advertising platforms where your customers are hanging out.

Your customer may be searching for a good restaurant around your location. What if? If you show them your restaurant on right on their Facebook while they are browsing!

There is a 90% of chance that he/she will walk into your restaurant.

Let me explain to you in detail…

How to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Let’s understand the behavior of a person.

How a customer can walk into your restaurant?

He/she should know about your restaurant or have seen anywhere around about you or your restaurant in that location!

But how come you do that?

Through location targeting.

Yes! Location-specific targeting is one of the least effective uses of features in Facebook ads in spite of having a great business hiding there.

So, why don’t you use it for your restaurant growth!

This strategy that I am going to talk about is pure location targeting through which you can get 100’s to 1000’s customers every day to your restaurant.

(Please do read in detail to understand it clearly)

Here are the 4 ways how to get more restaurant customers…

How to Get 1000’s of Customers Every Day Into Your Restaurant?

Online orders are more liked by people than they dine in a restaurant. We can’t ignore the online orders from now.

But the question is, how to get more online orders?

Every restaurant is getting online orders but all restaurants are not getting 100’s of orders every day.

And this is because of a lack of brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the one thing that many restaurant businesses ignore because of cash burn.

I don’t believe that. 

Because when you are branding, people will make space for your restaurant in their minds.

In a few days or after they will be your lifetime customer for your restaurant.

And we will make it happen through this special feature in Facebook ads called ‘People living in or recently in this location.’

How to Get 1000’s of Customers Every Day Into Your Restaurant - People living in or recently in this location

Here we have to make it happen by running ads on this audience targeting.

‘People living in or recently in this location.’

Mean people who currently have homes around your location or staying out there around your restaurant or recently shifted to your location.

With this ad, you can target the customer who has the potential to be a regular customer of your restaurant.

Here we run the ads on brand awareness medium that people around your location get to know your restaurant and order from you.

Then Facebook will show your ads to the people who are ready to order food at that time.

We can also say that some of them may dine out by checking out your restaurant.

This is how the magic happens!

This has become the first segment. Let’s move to the second one…

How to Get More Online Orders?

Now you are getting online orders for your restaurant. What about getting more online orders?

Nobody says “Please order only once at our restaurant”.

No! Right?

So, here we have to choose another amazing feature i.e People living in this location.

How to Get More Online Orders - People living in this location

If you ask me, is that the same as we talked about above!

Yes! It is similar to it but not the same.

There we targeted brand awareness; here we target getting leads (orders).

Let me explain in detail…

If you run ads on Facebook selecting this target audience segment, you will get leads on Zomato, Swiggy, etc, or on your own website.

When comes to getting orders on Zomato, Swiggy, etc… We should run the lead generation ads meanwhile traffic ads where you get the leads for your restaurant from people around your location.

When you want leads from your website then you should be running the conversion ads where people around your location can see the ads and may convert & order delicious food from your restaurant.

These are the two aspects of getting online orders daily.

Now the 3rd one is…

How to Get Daily Customers to Your Restaurant?

Daily customers are the greet gods for any restaurant.

We can’t deny it.

So, how do we make that happen?

Through the audience targeting on Facebook ads called ‘People recently in this location.’

How to Get Daily Customers to Your Restaurant - People recently in this location

Who are that people?

Working professionals, daily workers, etc are the people you have to target here.

Because they will be seeking the best restaurant to dine out around their location to have some good food and relax.

Here you can catch that kind of customer to your restaurant.

That’s done through selecting the audience targeting ‘People recently in this location.’

After setting up an ad and start running, Facebook will recognize the people who are recently around your location and show them your ad and they may dine into your restaurant.

And this will happen on daily basis and people will keep coming.

If you want customers to dine into your restaurant then choose running traffic ads. If not, then choose conversion ads to get regular online orders.

This completes our regular ad targeting.

What about our travelers?

How to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant?

The main market in today’s restaurants is tourists. 

Yes! They want to explore and try out different things in that area especially food that tourists can’t deny it.

So, why not make these tourists our customers!

Here is my strategy for it…

I.e. People traveling in this location.

How to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant - People traveling in this location

When you select your restaurant location on Facebook ads then you have to choose this audience target to attract travelers to your restaurant.

When you run ads on this, Facebook will start showing to the people who are traveling around and just arrived near your location.

They may see your ad and dine into your restaurant to try out the tasty food.

Here you have to run the traffic ads to get more customer visits or tourists visits to your restaurant.

So make use of it and attract n number of tourists to your restaurant.

And this completes the 4 types of segments you can target your audience and make them as your regular customers.

But I have one bonus tip for you.

Sending tasty emails

Emails are a great way to make your customers order regularly from your restaurant.

It happens…

When you send them the emails about your offers, events, discounts they will order for sure.

And my tip would be sending emails at the time of breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner would lead to getting more customer orders or dine-in.

So, don’t let go of these tasty emails to leave your customers to go away.

Use it. It is super beneficial.

Restaurant Added Summary

Take a glance once again in seconds below…

Here are the 4 types of ad targeting to grow your restaurant business through Facebook ads.

  • How to get 1000’s of customers every day into your restaurant?
    • People living in or recently in this location / Brand awareness (targeting)
    • Brand awareness ads
  • How to get more online orders?
    • People living in this location (targeting)
    • Through lead generation for third-party sites order & conversion ads for your website orders.
  • How to get daily customers to your restaurant?
    • People recently in this location (targeting)
    • Traffic ads for dine-in & conversion ads for online orders.
  • How to attract tourists to your restaurant?
    • People traveling in this location (targeting)
    • Running traffic ads.

I Don’t Know How to Do This!

If this is your question? then…

Hold on! 

Why worry! When I am here.

If you don’t know anything about these ads and emails or have not done anything of these till now.

Don’t worry! I can make it happen for you.

Myself a trained Digital Marketer by passion and helping businesses in development. I have done all these from running ads to sending emails for myself for the past 1+ years.

If you don’t believe me take a look at this.

Lead Generation Facebook Ads - Vinayak Raikar

After having a snap I hope I have made some belief in you.

Then why wait more time and waste it!

Schedule a call with me by filling this form or you can send me an email at

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I promise that I won’t leave you disappointed.

I hope you found the article useful.

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