Health and Fitness Industry Insights

How Health and Fitness are the New Hotness

Health and Fitness means Billion dollar business!

Did you know this?

The total market size of the global fitness club industry is over $87 billion.

You know another interesting thing, in terms of the revenue – the health and fitness industry is growing at the rate of 8.7% per year.

Yes! This is true.

Because of this pandemic, the health and fitness industry is growing like nothing. Besides, it is elevating day by day.

And also according to the surveys, as this health and fitness are grown at the rapid phase and development happens now which has to happen in the coming 5-10 years.

Here is your chance of growing your career, if you are a lovable fitness freak or love to do in the field of fitness and health and also want to grow your career in it? This time is for you.

If you are thinking that,

  • Who will get my fitness training?
  • There is no profit in this field?
  • This field is not growing and I will fail in it?
  • How to win and get success in this era of digital?

And having lots of questions like this? Revolving and hitting your mind?

Don’t worry! This article is there for you to take you to the top and gives you the taste of success which you love to do.

This Health and fitness field is a hub of opportunities and career-building and also you can build a billion-dollar business too.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the ocean of the health and fitness era and try to know about,

How is the fitness industry now and how it will be growing and how we can get success in this field.

Above all, I’m going to explain to you in detail this point-to-point topic of how the health and fitness industry is? And how can we build a career?

Let’s start!

Before that, let’s try to know about what is health and fitness and its importance at first.

What do you mean by health and fitness?

Health means it’s a state of mind with complete mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Meanwhile, fitness means the ability to meet the demand of the environment that we want to be.

However, you can get a clear picture about it by the below infographic.

What is Health and Fitness?

If you got it, let’s know its importance.

What’s the importance of health and fitness?

I have listed some of the good patterns that are useful to adopt at basic.

For this, you need mental strength. But, how to get it?

By physical fitness without being physically abled you can gain mental fitness.

Let’s see some of them.

  • It increases your life expectancy.
  • And reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Likewise, it improves your quality of life and is energetic all day.
  • It stays you active all around the day.
  • And absolutely controls your weight.
  • It saves money from treatment and combats health conditions and diseases.
  • And also improves your mood, makes you fresh and boosts your energy, and helps you get better deep sleep.
  • Without underestimating, it puts the spark back into your sex life.

I hope you got the importance and how it can be helpful in your life journey.

In addition with that, let’s know something interesting.

Without market research, we can’t dive into the field like that. If we enter without research on the market you will fall flat on your face.

Therefore, let’s see much more stats and facts about this health and fitness industry (with respect to Europe and the US) and see how the fitness industry is growing.

Stats and facts about the health and fitness industry :

I’m going to give you deeper insights about this industry which is much more helpful.

Similarly, I will explain to you the infographics which can help you take a glance in minutes and understand in a better way.

So, lets see…

The market stats within Europe and the US

stats about health and fitness industry

Firstly, have a look at facts about it.

Fitness trackers, HIIT, group training, fitness programs for adults, and bodyweight training(calisthenics) are the hot trends now and also be in much popular stage in coming years (especially in 2021 – 2022)

And the US, Germany, and the UK have the highest number of fitness club memberships.

More down there,

Facts about health and fitness industry (part 1)
Facts about health and fitness industry (part 2)

In short, you got much insight about it.

Now, take an eye at wellness industry insights because without this we can’t expand our business, we will be restricted to some part of our jobs.

So, take a look.

Insights about Wellness Industry

Stats and facts about wellness industry (part 1)
Stats and facts about wellness industry (part 2)

To clarify, it has given you a lot of inspiring and motivating stats to your mind.


We have taken a look and grasped ultimate market research and its importance, benefits, and all.

But you have emerged or got a question about WHY? & HOW?

Have you thought about this?

How is this industry growing? Why is it growing like this very rapidly?

Let’s know this in a much better way.

Reasons WHY? The fitness industry is growing :

Take a look at the below points.

Fitness industry is growing because,

  • More and more innovations are taking place in the fitness industry and developing day by day.
  • There is much demand for at-home workouts.
  • And consumers favor health over convenience.
  • People are taking more care of their health nowadays.
  • There is an increase in health-conscious audiences.
  • Because of the rise in smart lifestyles, their people are being hit more by health-related issues and illness.
  • By the role of influence, more people are getting influenced by social media day by day.
  • And health insurance costs also help people to take part.
  • There is a new demand for healthy foods nowadays.
  • Due to the smart and fancy wearables, people are adopting them quickly.
  • Important thing is that by the online fitness classes the people get friendly insights without much investment.
  • As in the case of gyms, there are budget-friendly gyms where people can afford them.

These are all the conditions why people are getting into health and fitness.

Lets jump to some out of box.

Take a nap at the number stats and trends over the fitness industry.

All about top 10 :

There are 1000’s of gyms all over the world or maybe it more than that.

But the thing is, why are there a lot of gyms all over and how are they doing business and profitable?

For all your questions about gym business statics, you have to read this article.

This article has in-depth insights about the Top 10 countries – industry revenue, numbers, members, highest gym rates, and annual growth related to gyms around the world (It has also described each countries stages, rank, and revenue)

Do check it out here

With that speed and excitement take a look at trends.

Trends in the Health and Fitness Industry :

Trends in health and fitness industry (part 1)
Trends in health and fitness industry (part 2)

These trends will help you to get different ideas and more your business even more profitable by knowing this list of current trends.

I think these all facts and figures have boomed your mind at once (much more below)

This is all happening outside the world but what about our Indian conditions.

How? What? Works in our Indian market.

If you got this question, no worries! Let’s dive into the Indian market and try to know more about our industry.

Health and Fitness Industry in India :

Lets see about the Indian market, how it is helpful related to the health and fitness industry.

Market Dynamics :

Take a look,

Market Dynamics for Fitness Industry (part 1)
Market Dynamics for Fitness Industry (part 2)

Growth Deliveries for the Fitness Industry in India :

Down there,

Growth Deliveries for fitness industry

These are all the factors that matter a lot when you are getting started with your career in the health and fitness industry.

Did you know?

Sports, fitness and wellness market in India to grow $90 billion by 2022

Careers with Health and Fitness :

This is the main important part that I want to explore more.

There are hundreds of career options that you can choose from. These health and fitness jobs may be popup to the first and can be more profitable than any of the other jobs or careers or businesses.

Moreover, I have listed some of them which may help you to choose and train yourself and make your career in the fitness industry.

Let’s know what are all the career options…

By the below infographic material will show you the career options that you can make in the fitness industry.

Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 1)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 2)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 3)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 4)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 5)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 6)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 7)
Careers Opportunities in Health and Fitness Industry (Part 8)

I know it takes time to figure out, take a glance again or take your own time and try to decide.

If you are not interested in fitness and want to make a career in the health segment, there are also some career options. 

Get it down in the below infographic.

Health care jobs (part 1)
Health care jobs (part 2)
Health care jobs (part 3)

I hope you have got an idea about how I can build my career and do business in the health and fitness industry.

Till now we have got to know about what is health and fitness? Its importance? And about its market too – how is it? How does it work? And how is it on demand?

Also, we have got to know what are careers we can build through this industry which helps us to build our tomorrow.

Even if you need some of the inspiration or got to be fit yourself first and then jump into my fitness journey. Here I have listed some of the useful apps and podcasts that give you a path and guidance in this world of competition.

First, let’s get into the fitness apps.

Heath and Fitness Apps :

In this segment, I have mentioned some of the apps out of tons of apps out there. I hope it will be useful for you.

These apps will contain all-around body development apps, health apps, routine apps, tracking apps, bodybuilding apps, also it contains apps specifically for men and women too, and also has some brand apps (If you are using their brand devices like smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands and more…

Let’s explore them.

Click here to see the list of apps.

If you are have question that,

How many health and fitness apps are there?

There are tons of apps that may confuse you a lot which to choose and all, but you can try some of them and get into it and make use of your covenant.

And also I have listed some of the podcasts that can be helpful.

Take a look.

Health and Fitness Podcasts :

In this, I am going to share with you some of the fitness podcasts that are framed and delivered by persons with good personal brands.

These are the podcasts made by personal brands – they have implemented themselves and tried it, experienced it, and then they are sharing their journey with you.

With this list of podcasts, you can get a hell of a lot of helpful tips and guidance to build yourself and build your career in this fitness world.

Don’t just be overwhelmed with these all lists.

Choose and pick some of them which you feel interesting.

And listen to some and their episodes and get back to your seat and choose some of them and follow them and have great learning and earnings.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Ali n the Run
  2. Found My Fitness
  3. Work, Play, Love
  4. Another Mother Runner
  5. Hurdle
  6. The Fat-Burning Man Show
  7. Bulletproof Radio
  8. Move Your DNA
  9. The Jillian Michaels Show
  10. Optimal Health Daily
  11. Ben Greenfield Fitness
  12. The Dumbbells
  13. The Rich Roll Podcasts
  14. Ted Talks Health
  15. Ashtanga Dispatch
  16. The Wellness Mama
  17. All About Fitness
  18. Motivated
  19. Marathon Training Academy
  20. Running for Real
  21. The Mind Pump Podcasts
  22. Eat, Move and Live Better
  23. The fit2fat2fit Experience
  24. Ben Coomber Radio
  25. Mind Pump | Raw Fitness Truth Podcasts
  26. Shapescale – 20 Minute Fitness Podcast
  27. The Model Health Show Podcast
  28. Fitness Confidential With Vinnie Tortorich
  29. Brute Strength Podcasts
  30. Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews
  31. The Primal Blueprint Podcasts
  32. Shrugged Collective Podcasts
  33. BHL Fit Club
  34. Bee the Wellness Podcast
  35. Non Gendered Fitness Podcasts
  36. The Inform Fitness Podcast
  37. 40 Plus Fitness Podcast
  38. Fitcast Network | Podcast to Enhance Your Life
  39. Figure Fit! Lifestyle Coaching Podcast with Liz Nierzwicki
  40. The Food for Fitness Podcast
  41. The Brian Keane Fitness Podcast
  42. Addicted to Fitness Podcast
  43. Live Fit Podcast
  44. KPFA – Your Own Health and Fitness Podcast
  45. The Habit Coach Podcast
  46. Food Heaven Podcast
  47. Diet Starts Tomorrow
  48. Rambling Runner Podcast
  49. Waking Up with Sam Harris


I hope you found it useful.

And I have given you many useful insights and deeper thoughts about this health and fitness industry.

And I hope you have got some valuable industry insights and career-building options that you can choose from.

Don’t worry! If you have not figured it out yet. Get started with what you are thinking and love to do yourself.

Personally, I believe that waiting for perfection is just a waste of time.

So, please get started with what you are having right now and don’t bother about the fancy and all. All things will fall into place when you start doing it.

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