How to get better at marketing

5 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Marketing.

“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customers feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

This is the thin line difference between a good marketer and a great marketer. And this thin line makes a lot of difference in your marketing journey.

Many of us including you and me had made this small mistake that marketing is all about selling.

No! It’s totally the opposite of what we think about marketing.

Marketing is all about building customers, building products, building relationships, building connections, etc…

Selling is just one piece of the puzzle in marketing.

So, today in this article let’s break these barriers of confusion and try to understand what marketing really means.

In this article, we will know about the fundamentals of marketing, why we should learn and master marketing, some frameworks that help you with how marketing is done, & how you can build your career and personal brand in marketing.

By the end of this article, you are going to have a whole new perception of marketing.

Set back and start reading…

In the next 10 minutes, you are going to get a big chunk of knowledge about what real marketing is.

First things first, let’s know what is the law of marketing.

What is the Law of Marketing?

What is Law of Marketing

As all have the law within their circle for the foundation and betterment of their well-being.

We have laws according to our countries, business, and many more…

Same as here, we have the law for marketing which is all about the fundamentals we should know before starting our marketing journey.

(You had never heard about this)

Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right people at the right time with having a unique and good perception of the brand.

We will divide this law into 5 sub-laws to understand it better.

  • Marketing is based on science, not creativity: We should know the consumer perception, needs, and human behaviour, and psychology of the people to market any business or product. It’s not all about creativity. We should not create or give an unnecessary message to consumers in the name of creativity and with the pressure of making it creative. We should think from the perspective of the customer called science.
  • Marketing is just not about selling: We confuse selling with marketing. Marketing doesn’t mean selling. Yes! It’s a part of it but it’s not all. So, marketing is about building a brand that automatically sells your product. For example, you can see Apple, the brand is established so firmly that they don’t want to pressure more on selling but rather they build brand awareness which indirectly sells their product.
  • Marketing starts before creating a product: We have to research the product, market, customer, and market gap before creating a product. We think marketing starts after making a product but actually, marketing starts before creating a product.
  • Marketing is not just advertising, copywriting and sales: It includes research, planning, finding a market-fit product, and more. So, don’t confuse with this that marketing is only advertising or sales. It is much more than that.
  • Marketing is the game of perception: As I told you in the example of Apple above, the brand is the visual representation of a product that connects with our emotions. So, giving the right message and having the right perception of what your brand wants to know is what makes your brand stand out from the crowd and makes your brand successful.

These are the laws & useful tips that help to put our marketing foundation strong and make us think differently & unique with our work.

Why Learn & Master Marketing?

Why Learn & Master Marketing

What do you think about a career in marketing? Did it gonna fade out in the future!

I think not, because here are the reasons why marketing is going to live for a long time.

Marketing has a long shelf-life because it’s all about research, evaluation, and human psychology.

If you say, AI can do it in seconds!

I say it cannot, because technology cannot beat humans, they don’t know the sense and nature of human beings.

Even though you have the technology that can exactly behave like humans!

But, AI may be similar to humans, not the same.

With that, we can say that marketing is going to live for a longer time here.

In older times, marketing exists. They do it in an informal or unframed way but they follow the marketing fundamentals.

In the now, the same fundamentals are being used. As time passed away technology made marketing more unique.

But fundamentals are going to remain the same however the market change.

So, we don’t have to afraid that AI will capture our marketing jobs.

Because both we and marketing are unique.

Here we have an add-on advantage to this.

Marketing can give us faster ROI.

You have not to fund at a large stack and wait for the results for a longer time instead, we get results within a small time for the amount you spent on marketing.

You can see that every department needs funding whether in building products, purchasing materials, and so on.

But marketing is pretty much different from it.

And a company cannot outsource marketing completely. It should have a team to manage its markets.

If you remember what I said above that marketing starts before creating a product.

This is one more add-on advantage to we marketers.

You can quote that if you know marketing, you have a safe career.

Marketing is All About Communication

Marketing is All About Communication

Communication is the key for marketers.

If you fail in communicating you not gonna sell a single piece of your products.

Whether it may be text, audio, video, images or it’s maybe the 1 on 1, you should be good at conveying your messages through these forms.

When did the product sell? 

When you convey your right message to the right people at the right time.

Rewind to the past marketing life, the salesman would go to the doorsteps of people’s houses and sell them their product.

Many of them have failed in achieving their sales targets and some have achieved immensely great.

We have to look at what makes that some marketers unique and how they sell more and stand out from the crowd?

That’s communication!

Every person is not the same. You are different and I am different.

We should be aware that everyone is not the same.

Some salesman or marketers had conveyed the same products with different messages & styles with focusing on the company’s core values and product.

But the goal is to sell the product which is an outcome.

So marketers should research, analyze, and create messages according to consumer behavior.

Write it down, everyone is different and you should convey the right message to the right one.

Therefore communication is the key element in marketing.

By this time, you will be thinking like “If marketing needs communication then we should be pro in English, if not then we can’t do marketing”

The clear answer is NO!

Let’s break this myth.

Fead this in your mind, communication does not mean English.

English is just a language.

You can use any language around the world to communicate, there is no barrier to it.

Yes! English is the language that the world excepts and companies need it.

Then try to learn it with the perception of language, not any skill.

Throw this out of the mind that you have to a pro at English.

The main goal of marketing is to convey the right message in front of the people.

It doesn’t matter that you are good at English or not.

If you are successful in conveying your message to the people!

Then you are a good communicator.

Here are 4 tips if you want to be good at English over time.

  1. Write like you are talking to a person 1 on 1.
  2. Understand your target audience to convey your message, which helps you to figure out what to tell and it will be easy for you to craft it (Where you learn English better with this).
  3. Write the blog, articles, messages in English.
  4. The last one, try to think and reply in English in your mind.

I hope you got why and how you can be good at marketing through communication.

Know Global Economics to be Good at Marketing

Global Economics

If you have heard about this viral news about CR7!

You would be knowing that how Coca-Cola stocks have dropped in the market when the Cristian Ronaldo event happened.

He just replaced Coca-Cola drinks with a water bottle kept in front of him.

By which, as it covered in front of media (Press Conference) the news went viral and the Coca-Cola brand has lost around $8 billion through this event.

What if we don’t know about this?

You or Your company may have done the same mistake.

How come a company can make a mistake from this?

You or the company had missed knowing the power of influencers.

How the big drop of losing happened to Coca-Cola from a single person!

He is not just a person he is an influencer where lakhs of people follow him.

He is a big giant of personal brand.

Here we can see this from two perspectives.

Perspective 1: Being aware of influencer losses and not making influencers an opponent to your businesses.

Perspective 2: You got to know the power of influence or influencer and have invested in influencer marketing to skyrocket your businesses.

Knowing global economics is another key element to sharpen your marketing skills.

The above example is a part of economics there is much more to know about.

Global economics includes the economy of countries, current situations & conditions of countries, finances, trading, currencies, etc…

Don’t be overwhelmed if you didn’t know!

Being aware of this will help you upgrade your marketing.

Here are the 5 things that help you by knowing global economics,

  1. Taking decisions about your businesses.
  2. Helps in marketing your product or service by knowing the trends.
  3. This helps to know the factors that affect and effective for our marketing.
  4. Helps in managing departments of your business w.r.t the global economics.
  5. It also helps in generating immense creative ideas for your business.

There is another big advantage in knowing global economics.

It helps you in targeting the right customer.

For example, what is the income of our target audiences, who are the top income people in that country, the number of credit card users, and many more…

Which helps you to get the right customer for your business.

So, keep yourself updated with global economics with global technologies.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Traditional Marketing

Power of Traditional Marketing

In my recent article (Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing) I have explained well in detail about the power of digital marketing.

(If you have not read it till – take a look at that article here)

In this section, let’s know about the pros of traditional marketing.

As we saying digital marketing gonna rule out traditional marketing, but it’s not a true story.

Digital marketing can overtake traditional marketing but can eliminate it out from the race.

TV, radio, billboards, posters are the traditional media.

What do you think, it gonna outdated?

You can see the happy billboards worldwide, and people will be happy when their works display there.

Then how come it will be outdated!

As I said, marketing is all about consumer behavior and communication.

The big players (big brands) in the markets are advertising through traditional media.

Why they invest?

Goals and perceptions about using traditional media have changed in the eyes of businesses.

Earlier, these media were used for advertising to sell their products.

Now, the game has changed.

Businesses are running campaigns and advertising through digital media from the perspective of selling.

And using traditional media for brand awareness and building brands to a whole new level.

Which is the biggest advantage of using traditional media.

Because there is a huge market mean people are still present on traditional media.

However, we can’t target people.

There are many more that we can’t do with traditional media.

To know that what they are, I have well explained about this here [link your article]

By knowing this flaw, businesses had started investing in this media only to build awareness about their brands.

So, don’t underestimate the power of traditional marketing.

Now let’s move to one of the most interesting and exciting concepts that are personal branding frameworks.

I have listed about 3 frameworks that can help you to build your brand and to make your business profitable.

Let’s listen to it one by one.

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Marketing Funnel

This is one of the best frameworks I believe in and use for my work and my own business.

The framework seems to be simple but it is not that easy when you execute it. But if you follow this framework and execute it, can give you the golden fruits for your business.

Look at this formula.


If you want to generate wealth you need to identify your niche and follow the funnel.

Let’s decode this.

Niche [n]: If you want to capture the market you have to identify the niche, you want to build your business on. Now a days niche is very important to stand out from the crowd and make your business unique. So, having your niche gives you more clarity of what to do next.

Content [C]: Content is one of the important key elements in this marketing funnel. Content is the only way to reach your audiences without content you can’t market. Make your content according to your customer needs or the target market. You can create your content in the form of blogs, videos, voice, and so on. You just need to have content to build awareness about your brand which gives exposure in your target markets.

Attention [A]: Attention is one of the precious currencies in the world now a days. If you have the skill of getting the attention of people then you are one of the wealthiest people in the world. Because attention is the key to all your content. Your content is helpful, if it doesn’t get the attention of your customers then your content fails. So, make your content and brand attention-grabbing.

Trust [T]: Here comes the magic segment of this funnel. If you have the trust of your customers then you have won 90% in your business. Getting trusted by people is not that easy. The market is already had filled with spam, fake news, and more. Making your brand trustworthy will pushes your business towards the success gate. So, try to get the trust of your audience/customers to make your business profitable through your content.

Transaction [T]: If you are successful in achieving all of the above segments then this part will be as easy as a cakewalk for you. Have the right content, niche, attention, and trust, then the transaction is just the procedure to make or buy your product.

This is an amazing funnel I found and using for my profits too.

So, make your brand flow through this entire funnel then your business will be automatically profitable.

There is another framework to do digital marketing for your business.

That is called the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing

As you can see in the above picture, how digital marketing components/niches are integrated.

You have seen a business or a professional doing only SEO, Email Marketing, SEM, SMM, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

What if, we integrated all these and framed a large giant marketing plan for effective content marketing!

That’s what integrated digital marketing is.

This is the best framework I have seen across the internet to do content marketing.

Let’s decode this framework into 5 points.

  • Quality Content: You have to create content that your consumers need and help them to solve their problems. Having quality content is very important without content you can’t do content marketing.
  • Email list: This is where you can build your email list through your content. You can give a free piece of content that is useful for your audience and ask them to sign up for that. You get a lead, which leads to your transaction in the later part of your funnel. Note that don’t fool them, give genuine value to your customers through your lead magnets/Content pieces.
  • Social media: With social media, you can grab people’s attention to your quality content. They transact from social media to your content and that builds brand awareness.
  • Search: This is one of the organic parts of the funnel. You can get free organic traffic to your quality content through search engines like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc…
  • Ads: You can also get customers into your funnel or content through ads. You can use Google ads and Facebook ads to drive traffic to your source.

All these traffic generation components will direct the consumers to your quality content. After nurturing for a while you can pitch your product or service through the quality content and email list.

Make your that you have given immense value to your customers and got their trust. If not you can’t make your product successful or sell your product or service without giving value back.

(You can read the detailed explanation about this framework here)

Now comes the personal branding framework.

MassTrust Blueprint

Personal Brand

This blueprint tells you about how the evolution of personal branding happens.

Most people are struggling to build their brand.

If you are the one, then this blueprint will help you in building it.

This blueprint is created by one of the top digital marketers in India i.e. Digital Deepak.

MassTrust Blueprint
MassTrust Blueprint

Let’s know this evolution process one by one.

Learn: Before getting into personal branding you should have some knowledge and experience to share with your peers. So, you have to grab and practice the knowledge that you are interested in.

Work: You have got the foundation of your interest by learning it. Now you have to implement it in practice and get some experience. How? Through working. You have to start working for companies, and individuals who give you hands-on experience and make you confident enough in your industry.

Consult: Now you have the work experience. Start to share your best practices by helping companies to build their brand (It may be of any category of your interests). This gives you more exposure to the industries, people, and the business which indirectly helps you in building your authority & credibility inside your circle/industry. Freelancing is a great way to do consulting.

Mentor: You got the knowledge, and experience and built your credibility in your industry. Now take another step that’s mentoring. Start mentoring people through your experiences which can help to tackle their problems. Share your mistakes and guide them by giving some of your frameworks, blueprints, or something that people find useful. By doing this, you have started to build your brand.

Startup: You have started your branding journey by implementing the above steps. Now it’s time to start your startup to make your brand more powerful and transact for what you have given. After a while, your brand needs a team to scale (startup) and professionals and also you have a huge base of followers that you can’t handle alone. So, starting a startup is the best way to monetize and build your brand to the next level.

(You can read the in-depth article about this framework here)

This evolution is needed to make you stable in your industry.

If you got something easy you didn’t know the worth of that work.

Going through this evolution makes you a guy of perfection which every person should follow.

You should have been unaware of this and most people have gone through this evolution unknowingly.

But I believe awareness is everything.


These all segments together conclude that marketing tests you in all aspects and that’s the law of marketing.

We marketers should be aware of these aspects because without the basic foundation how can you do something unique?

If you do not get the basic proper it will be like building an apartment/house without any foundation.

One or another day you will fail if you are not aware of these all aspects.

Most of you may be starting your career in marketing or have started already.

Question yourself, What makes you a different marketer?


The one who knows this law then he will be a great marketer, not a good marketer.

People will remember only the No.1, not No.2 or 3.

If I ask you who is the No.1 fastest runner in the world?

You say, Ussen Boult.

If I ask you who is the 2nd one?

You don’t know. Most of us do not.

But why they don’t remember? 

People remember positions more than your remarks on the industry.

Be the only one or be the No.1.

“Business has only two functions – marketing & innovation”

– Milan Kundra

So, be creative and innovative to stay long in the market.

I hope this article has helped you in building your marketing foundation.

If you liked it, do drop your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

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