A Beginners Guide to Lead Generation - Your 7 Questions Answered

A Beginners Guide to Lead Generation – Your 7 Questions Answered

On a scale of 1-10 how important lead generation would be?

5, 8, 9! It’s 10 out of 10.

Yes, lead generation is one of the most important parts of every business now.

So stepping into this now is never late. If not now, then never.

Have you heard of the rise and fall curve? It’s all about the marketing trends, but this is out of this topic anyway (topic for another day).

But most of us don’t know about this even today in this digital world.

By seeing this gap I have created a complete video on it, right from what is lead? To lead generation marketing.

You can look at this mind map below for the complete context of the video.

Download the complete mind map here: Lead Generation Mind Map

Go ahead and watch this detailed video and takedown some new learnings.

Also, the complete practical demo of lead generation is shown in the video.

Take a look at it.

Watch the above video for a complete detailed understanding of lead generation.

If you want to know some more about the upper layer of lead generation?

Here are my more thoughts about lead generation…Take a read

How Important is Lead Generation?

How Important is Lead Generation

Lead Generation is catching on, and you can be a part of it.

COVID-19 has hampered businesses but at the same time, propelled more consumers online.

What does this mean? 

As conventional methods of marketing fail, lead generation becomes even more important. Spending on a billboard might end up losing money for you, but paying for lead generation ad campaigns will most likely grant better results. 

It’s high time to capitalize on the newfound buying intent as more consumers are online and are trusting online services. 

Targeting people for leads is… 

Therefore, it is cheaper – simply because more consumers are online than ever before. 

More and more consumers are buying online – this also means that lead generation is getting more accurate by the second. 

All the targeting, interest, demographical, and sales-based data we have accumulated over time is up for grabs in any type of lead generation campaign – especially through e-commerce reports and studies. 

Long story short, lead generation has always been one of the best marketing techniques but now it’s become even more important. 

It’s the right time to get in!

For example, do you know someone who makes amazing handicrafts or art but is struggling? It’s time they were shown to the world. 

Meaning of Lead Generation

Meaning of Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation? People provide their details and turn into leads. 

Lead generation is the science of using advertisements or other types of communication to get interested people to fill up forms or provide their details. 

For example, if you’re selling cars, you can target potential car buyers based on interests, demographics, and profiling in general to serve them ads talking about your features. 

If they love your ad and desire to learn more, they can fill in their contact details. 

Congrats, you have a lead! What now? Well, the next phase is closing this deal – which is an entirely different art. 

However, the more high-quality and well-targeted your leads are, the better your chances of converting them regardless of your sales skills or product features. 

Truly, it’s a strategy that gives you qualified, targeted, and perhaps even engaged potential customers, and the option to split the sales process in two – online and offline. 

How Can Lead Generation Help a Business? 

How Can Lead Generation Help a Business

Sales persuasion or conversion is an art, but lead generation is a science. 

Lead generation helps businesses in several ways. 

A business works only as well as the quality of its leads. 

The workflow to increasing business growth is similar to this: 

  • Build the service or product and collect all that’s necessary. 
  • Acquire and collect leads. Condition those leads. 
  • Convert as many leads from the pool as possible. 
  • Maximize the potential of the converted clients.

Improve your service or product further, resell and upsell, and get more clientele with word of mouth. 

Never stop investing in marketing – that’s what is going to keep generating quality leads. This is more or less a continuous cycle. 

If these are good leads that qualify and are pre-engaged, then you can convert them better – directly optimizing the growth of your business. 

Here is the article Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing which explains how digital will take over traditional marketing.

Lead generation is effective in all industries. 

The digital marketing brand Promo Leads provides advertising partners a great way to generate leads with flexible advertising campaigns, targeting, and optimization tools. 

On the other hand, any small or large business can create a page on Facebook and start collecting leads with lead generation form-based ads, though it takes more time and energy. 

In the words of Adams, “lead generation has become so omnipresent that it’s difficult to separate our lives from it, but in a good way.”

What to know more about the basics of it?

Watch this video right here & upgrade yourself.

What is Lead Generation? Your 7 Questions Answered

And tell me in the comments what are your takeaways from the video.

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