5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Brand Value

Brand Value: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know!

A person having a brand value of 32 billion U.S dollars! Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, it’s none other than the marketing expert Mr.steve jobs who stands the apple company ranks at the top worldwide next to Amazon.

The brand value of your company can do wonders for you in any aspect.

If your company has the most efficient brand value you can get more benefits from it.

As you can get more organic growth without more expenses without spending on paid media for your promotion. Your company’s brand and brand value speak more about your company in the market and within your customers.

If your company holds good brand value, your one word can make a billion-dollar business in today’s world.

By this, your customers are waiting for your products to experience – and that’s what the brand does. You can take the example of Tesla, which doesn’t spend a single penny on their marketing aspects, and same as with Apple it doesn’t have any value promotion to boom in the industry, their brand is enough for them to skyrocket their business.

So, it’s much needed to know about the brand value before you start your business whether it may be big brands, retails, startups, and many more they have their respective brand values to run their business.

Therefore, let’s know about some aspects of it and some basic terminologies that you should know and evaluate your brands.

Before that we take a nap, what is the brand value?

What is Brand Value?

Brand value is the worth of the product which is called a brand produced by the company.

By the below infographic, you can get a clear idea about it’s meaning.

Brand Value meaning

But most of us will get confused between brand equity and brand value.
So let’s get clear it out.

Brand Value vs Brand Equity:

Brand equity is the perception of the consumer of how they feel about the brand and how they are respectful and loyal towards the specific brand of a company.

Brand Value vs Brand Equity
How we can differentiate between brand value and brand equity :

Brand value relates to,

  • The products of a company
  • Overall/total worth of the company

But with respect to the brand equity, it changes, how? Here it is…
It resonates with customers’ feelings, respect, perception/intent, and how they respond to that brand of a company.
It also relates to providing value to the customers with the products and how they are useful by the product.

And the formula for it is,
Whenever your brand equity increases automatically your brand value also increases.

With Apple as an example, you will get sudden insight in your mind about how Apple is having brand value and how its brand equity is. I don’t want to say much about it. Right?

As I move with the lines I will explain all points with Apple. co as an example.

With this clear picture, now we can move towards the importance of brand value.

Importance of Brand Value:

This brand value helps you,

  • To make better decisions on how and where to grow your brand and help in decision making.
  • To provide direction for your brand.
  • For managing your business from A to Z.

In other aspects,

It encourages the creation of new products and services.

With the journey, Apple comes with countable products but innovative and good serviceable products from iPhone to iPhone 12. Isn’t that crazy?

  • Brand value guides employees to take action and attract top talents to the industry to grow the brand.
  • Till now, Apple has 147 thousand employees who are responsible for their awesome products.
  • The brand value increases brand loyalty between customers and the company.
  • It improves the recognition of your brand.
  • Also creates trust within the customers about your brand.
  • Gives supports advertising for brand awareness.
  • It builds your company’s financial value.
  • Helps to get new customers into your panel.
  • It also gives you an edge over big companies and helps to distinguish your brand from the competitors.

For example, Apple – with the above points we can say apple stands first in all these important aspects. We can say it’s a visual form that we can feel. That’s what Apple has the trust, loyalty, brand awareness, reputation, and every second to minutes they get the new customer’s attention.

It’s all ok, but how do you calculate it?

How is the Brand Value Calculated?

This brand value calculation more concentrates on the visualizing aspects than the analytical measures.

It’s all about the customers or consumers that are associated with your brand or the image.
What are all that matters? Down there.

Assets that consumers associated with brand

Let’s dive into the way of calculating the brand value.

Cost-based brand valuation:

It concentrates on the valuation of the brand with respect to the cost and expenditures of a company.

  • Historical advertising – the cost of advertising with your paid media till now.
  • Promotion expenditures – the cost you have spent on the promotion of your brand to get more reach in all aspects.
  • Cost of campaign creation – in this digital age the campaigns are more important for awareness and sales. And it’s that cost which you do in your company’s brand.
  • Licensing and registration cost – the cost of the agreements for registration and licensing of your brand.
  • Trademarks costs – many companies pay dollars for the trademarks. If you have one then make it count.

With all this summing up one and calculate it together you will get your cost-based brand value.
If you think of product cost, it doesn’t matter in the branding.

Market-based brand valuation:

This is a point of valuation where you get the real worth of your brand.

  • Specific scale of the brand – the expansion or scale of your brand which helps you to know about scale in media, customers, company, and in the market too.
  • Comparable company transactions – the in and out of your company transactions. That’s simple but more to calculate.
  • Stock market quotations – it’s all about your value in the stock market whether it is up or down that’s the value of your brand in stock markets.
  • Brand rate/market transaction price – this is where your brand value comes in, it’s the cost or value of your brand when it is sold or your brand selling price at the present.
The income approach to brand valuation:

This is where you see or assume the future world of your brand which counts in brand valuation.

  • Future net earnings – it’s the potential that how much your brand earns in the future. It relates and decides based on your brand equity.
  • You can include the method equal to the value income, cash flow, and cost savings.
  • Reputation/recognition of brand – and again your brand equity results.

These all matters with,

  • Change in public perception of your brand
  • And the media attention.
  • Change in your industry.

These valuation parts are very much super important when it comes to branding.

Fact about Apple Brand

Now let’s move to the next one, that is…

What is a Brand Value Proposition?

The opinion of the customer that having towards the value of the current products of the company is more similar to brand equity (similar not the same).

Value meaning down there,

Brand Value Preposition

If you are clear then we know about how to identify and benefits of a brand value proposition.

How to identify it?

By the rules of the BxP exercise. Yes!

BxP excercise

Brand – why people want to use your product.

It’s the service you offer to the customer where you clear why the customers want to use your product.


Experience – how people experience your product.

It’s the benefits you offer to the customer. Your brand product should clearly mention the features, benefits, and help that they are going to get with this product. This helps you more in getting sales of your brand product.


Product – what unique way you have solved a real user problem.

The stage where you solve the problem of the customer with your product. The more you solve the customer problems the more your branding improves as well as the sales where most of us don’t concentrate. If you concentrate on this segment you can boom your product to the next level.

photo of sneakers on white background

This rule would be more important when it comes to the basic branding product of your company.

Now it’s a beneficial time.

Benefits you can get out of it:

Let’s take a quick slide at it,

  • Boosts conversions and increases overall lead – it helps to get new customers with the well quality leads which you can nurture and convert into your brand followers and a loyal customer of your brand.
  • Centralize attention and eliminate wastes – your brand with a well-defined subject that holds in the minds of people will give you goddamn attention towards your brand and keeps the non-buyer customers out within your brand.
  • Spotlights the advantages you offer compared to the competition – when you have an established brand that focuses on the core values of your company and highlights the advantages, problem-solving, uses by your product which helps you in better branding.
  • Gives a clear path for the smooth movement of the company – when your brand value starts getting better by better by days, it gives you a clear path in terms of company goals, values and products, and many more to run your company very smoothly.
  • Helps brands to relate to customers and understand their needs – your branding helps in understanding the real-time problems of the customers with which you can help your customers by modifying your products which solves the problem of customers.
  • Clarifies the marketing tasks and objectives – as above said, it clarifies all doubt and glitches inside the company. That makes you take your brand to the next level.

Now if you got the question ‘how to increase the brand value?’

Here is the best answer for you.

How to Increase Brand Value?

There is no rocket science to understand it. It’s simple. If you read clearly without missing any point till here then you will not get this question. How? I will tell you.

In all these points from brand value to the benefits of the brand value proposition, you get super ideas of how I can grow my brand. With each topic, if you get deeper into it with your industry you will get tons of ideas to improve your brand.

Go inside as much as possible with niche segments. There are no predefined things or strategies to grow your brand. These are just the basic ones that you can start implementing.

If you are a startup guy this would be more helpful for you in the future time when you start your business.

As I believe that age doesn’t matter anytime and if you know something before you are one step ahead of others who don’t know.

Is Brand Value an asset?

Yes! Absolutely yes! The brand value or branding can make wonders for you in your business. It is one of the biggest assets to establish a solid business in your industry and also keeps you different or something special within your competition.

Facts and stats about Apple brand

In today’s world, there is n number of brands some are at the normal and a few of them are at the top in brand value.

I know you got some of the top brands in front of your eyes. Right?

You can be a brand one day.

I hope this article has helped you a lot and also will help you in the future.

Implement these basic strategies of brand value in your business if you are a budding entrepreneur. Test here, put yourself in to find out some ways of your own to stand out of the crowd.

So thanks for your time.

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