YouTube Algorithm Hack for 2021

YouTube Algorithm Hack for 2021

This YouTube algorithm hack will make your YouTube in 2021.

Let me get you the info of the fact of YouTube algorithm in 2021.

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In a way of quick simple and crisp ….

So, lets dive into the YouTube algorithm hack 2021

The foremost important fact you have to know that over 1.9 billion active users are using YouTube to date and it’s still counting….

Basic thing is by knowing this algorithm you can make a plan for,

  • How to get more engagement
  • How to plan your videos
  • And how, when, and where to place your videos

And many more….

There are 3 things to understand about the YouTube algorithm in 2021

We will try to get these points in a quick simple and crisp way…

3 YouTube Algorithm Hack:

1.Watch time:

Watch Time
  • Here YouTube sees that how much time and how many times your videos have been watched in past.
  • Or in other words for example if you are having a video of 5 mins, then YouTube sees how much time like 4/5 min or 3/5 min is watched by users or visitors.
  • And if you are having a watch time of more than 50% – then you are doing pretty much good and you are getting good engagement and your video is working well in place.

So basically, video creators are aiming of more than 50% watch time…

Now we will get it through an example,

Imagine, if two people having the same video. If they both uploaded that same video to their channels. Their one-person video will get 65% of watch time and the other will get only 16% of watch time and they are of the same exact video. Then by looking at the matrix and data the YouTube will promote 65% watch time video. Because it is seen more time/minutes by users and having watch time good at place.

Note: watch time is one of the keys to get more engagement.

Suggestion: it’s all in your part of work how you engage your audience and stick to your video for more minutes that you can get more watch time and more promotion and engagement.

Guide: to get more watch time you can use these tricks,

  • By engaging music in the background.
  • Powerful content.
  • Directly come to the point in which your video is supposed to tell.
  • Use engaging tricks like asking questions, to comment or saying some wow facts that are related to your content.
  • Use testimonials or flash forward or cut points before starting the video. This can get more engageable.

Now let’s jump to second,

2.Click-through rate (CTR):

Click Through Rate
  • Here your video can be shown by YouTube on any of the platforms like in chrome search, the home page, or any of the other pages.
  • Ultimately viewers have the decision whether to click on your video or not.
  • Or they can click tons of other videos shown there except your video.
  • If you are getting more than 5% CTR (click-through rate), then you are doing pretty much well.

Note: CTR is foremost important thing you need to focus on…

                       (why? I will tell you)

Suggestion: it is your effort of work. It’s in your surface or face of your video means a cover pic of your video called thumbnail. This will make viewers click on your videos and get more views.

Guide: there is only trick, that is

  • Making thumbnail (cover pic) more creative and engaging
  • Making highlighting of points on your thumbnail that viewers can know that what your video is into.

Last but not the least,

3.Post velocity (Important YouTube Algorithm Hack):

Post velocity (Important YouTube Algorithm Hack)
  • This is basically a time engagement system.
  • Here YouTube judges your video based on the first 24 hours of the video engagement.

This can be best understandable by an example…

Here we can also know the working procedure of this thing…

Here also imagine two people having the same video in which one video out of it gets 800 views, 130 comments and 30 likes of a person and another video will get 200 views, 0 comments, and 1 like of the other person. Now here the video with more views, comments, and likes will get more engagement and promoted by YouTube.

As we can also say that ‘more engagement = more promotion’

Note: we can’t ignore this. This also a much important hack to use it…

Suggestion: here the more strategic game and creative steps come into place. So, use it wisely. It’s like the shell of the above two points watch time and CTR.

Guide: using it wisely!

  1. The more popular the more engagement you get.
  2. The viral content may give you a raise or promotion.
  3. And the uploading time is very important that when you upload your video.
  4. See and upload your video at the time where people are more engaging like 2 pm or 9 pm or at the time of night or evening where more people are using YouTube and engaged.
  5. Totally it’s all your strategic plans based on your video content and your target audience.

These are the tips and tricks or algorithms which by knowing it, you can skyrocket your videos to the next level…

Important thing you want to know:

Important Things To Know - YouTube Algorithm Hack

If you are personal branding this may doesn’t work for you. If you are not into completely personal branding stuff then you can make use of this strategy because on the side of personal branding you may focus on branding your work not on promotions and you may have a follower base that follows you on any platform organically. But strategies make the difference in any field. It’s totally on you whether to make use of it or not….

This can help you a lot more…

This is how the YouTube algorithm works and these hacks will help you get more engagement, views, and reach for your YouTube channel.

It’s all about the consumer’s attraction because YouTube doesn’t want to lose its users at any cost. So, YouTube gives more importance to consumer attraction and consumer interests. Therefore, YouTube shows their users what they love and what they want to fetch the info whether it may be entertainment, education, sports, and many more related to the user’s interests.

So, the YouTube basically targets on highlighted points like as I mentioned above of 3 things…

And another main thing that comes to the count is views, likes, comments, and shares too. And why this thing also more important in getting engagement.

when I get to research more on this YouTube algorithm and algorithm hacks that you want to get more engagement on your videos…

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